Viva Los Doyers Air Freshener


The Designing Chica and the Fúchila Fresheners team have teamed up to create an air freshener to celebrate the L.A. Dodgers 2020 World Series Championship. The design of this freshener is inspired by Papel Picado, a hand-made Mexican folk art created by artisans on tissue paper. You can usually find these colorful banners in fiestas to celebrate and commemorate a joyous occasion. Los Doyers winning in a pandemic is a cause for celebration! The color, of course, is PANTONE 294, DODGER BLUE! It’s championship cheer and cultured holiday cheer, ¡ORALE!

After your air freshener has expired, use it as a tree ornament!

These air fresheners will not be shipping out until Dec. 14. 



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