The Designing Chica culturally-inspired paint kits are geared toward kids ages 10+ and they make great gifts.

The Designing Chica grew up with her Abuelita and Tia’s going to Guate every semana santa and summer and they would come back bearing gifts. La Chica has a huge collection of these Inditas and each one is unique in colors and dress but their face is always the same adorable round brown face. These dolls remind The Designing Chica of going to LAX and cheering for all the folks coming up the ramp in the arrivals section. Their smiles and cheers from their latest vacation back home lit up the place, especially the waft of Pollo Campero in one hand, and the parade of suitcases upon suitcases filled with gifts.

• 1 Illustration art piece by The Designing Chica on an 8×10 un-stretched canvas.
• 2 brushes
• 13 acrylic paints*
• Simple instructions

• Set aside at least two hours to complete your painting.
• One cup of water to wash brushes between colors.
• Construction paper or newspaper to keep your workspace clean.
• A paper towel, rag or napkin for drying brushes.
• Toothpicks for stirring paints or to fix minor mistakes.
• A fun clip board to paint on.
• A lovely frame to display your masterpiece.

*Each sets comes with 6 primary paint colors, 6 bright and exciting colors, 1 silver glitter paint, a flat brush for large surfaces, and a pointed for details. Each paint pot is 5 ml, for a total of about 22 oz of paint per set!


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