Chingona Pin


Say it loud: Hello, my name is CHINGONA!
This pin is dedicated to all the chingonas of the world. .

From a 2019 study on Chingona identity, by Celia Orosco Haro, from Humboldt State University:
A Chingona in this newly reclaimed use means a woman who embodies confidence, acceptance of self, reclamation of sexuality, siguiendo le adelante por su propio camino sin importarle lo que digan los demás, rejects social and cultural norms/expectations of women, and uses her strengths to empower and uplift others. Through the reclamation of this identity, these mujeres are moving beyond being hijas de la chingada to being Chingonas.


Size: 2.75″ x 1.75″ Rectangle button

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